Do Not Bet Illegally!

Bet Responsibly and Safely.


In Malaysian shores, Gambling under the age of 18 is a criminal offense and Penang Turf Club takes responsibility to prevent access to all its gambling facilities.

Visitors under the age of 18 are only allowed into other facilities within the premise.

Penang Turf Club reserves the right to ask for proof of age from any individuals who seek to enter the premise. Visitors are required to provide verification upon entering the premise at any time if deemed suspicious.

Visitors are mandatory to be above 18 years old.


General questions that may help you to assess your situations and provide you a solution.

  • Are you staying away from work, studies, and your daily errands to gamble?
  • Have you been gambling alone for a long period of time?
  • Do you feel bored and unhappy in your life which results in gambling?
  • When you ran out of money during gambling, do you feel lost, despair, and the urge to gamble for a winning stake?
  • Have you been betting all your assets, cash, and money away?
  • Have you tried to cover up the amount of money and time that you have spent on gambling?
  • Has your gambling tactics been criticized by others?
  • Do you lie, stole, or borrow money to further gamble or settling gambling debts?
  • Are you reluctant to spend?

Please seek Professional Help if you found you are in any of the above.

*For any information about illegal activities being solicited or more.

Please report to us at Penang Turf Club Helpline (604) 238 5100.