New Hope For The Aged Retirement Resort

Penang Turf Club has set out to be the spotlight of the decade, bringing about new hope for the elderly and retired with the new Penang Retirement Resort. A chance to experience a luxurious resort living adventure for the aged. A parker retirement resort, being the first of its kind, offers an excellent array of high-end living. Designed with a large cost to ensure the standard of living within this space is constantly maintained at a high calibre.

In the coming decade, Malaysia will make its way to becoming an ageing society. With the increasing number of people getting older every day, concerns about having a safe space for the elderly have risen. Along with statistical findings that project, between one in every five Malaysians, will be at least 60 years old, this information almost triggers an uneasiness amongst the masses. With the ageing population, many technological advancements have gone beyond the point of comprehension for many aged individuals. Accessibility has become something that means two separate things to the aged and the young.

It has become the responsibility of the people to come up with a plan and enable quality living for the aged. A space that protects the aged, celebrates their Golden Years, and gives them a life worth looking forward to. Investing for the future is often overlooked, but has become something that is extremely necessary.

What can balance out a comfortable living experience for the aged as well as provide accessibility? What will be able to provide the best services, healthcare options, physiotherapy sessions, and various facilities that help the aged feel cared for and loved?

With the Penang Retirement Resort, an initiative by Penang Turf Club to build a better space for the elderly to live out their days with excellent care. The variety of facilities within this space not only allow the residents to experience the calm and tranquility of the surroundings but also look forward to facilities that are only available outside.

The idea of “having it all” in one space, speaks volumes, with this Retirement Resort. Residents no longer have to travel far for the finer things in life. Services that are handed to them on a platter, help the aged. One can look forward to personal assistant services and well as high-end security to ensure every resident feels safe and secure.

Built with two sections, comprising 77 units that are meant for independent residents and 49 assisted units with direct nursing care, this space was designed to be a safe haven for retirees and the elderly. With sizes ranging from 414 sq ft – 1,264 sq ft, this space does not fall short from providing a comfortable living environment with sufficient space for all. This space openly welcomes family and friends of residents with 200 parking bays available for use within the vicinity.

Residents can look forward to indulging in the beautifully designed landscaped gardens and even spend their free time in the various recreational spaces like the karaoke room. When one becomes aged, their personal hygiene becomes a worry. With the beauty saloon within the space, residents can look forward to getting their hair washed and perfectly trimmed, all located only several steps away from their living quarters.

Apart from that, daily meals provided by the restaurant help the elderly take their minds off not knowing what to eat. Sightseeing is also an added advantage with this retirement resort, where weekly recreational trips are provided for the residents to take time off and relax in what Penang has to offer. With Batu Ferringhi, Penang’s well-known beach and various other sightseeing spots close by, residents can look forward to living in absolute bliss. Those who enjoy travel can also look forward to easy access to the Penang International Airport, which is only a 20-minute drive away from the resort.

All this can very well easily allow one’s family members or even a retiree to look forward to the variety of services there, like the physiotherapy room which is an absolute essential for the aged. Traveling a distance to get proper and accessible healthcare is now no longer necessary with the many available hospitals close by the resort, set within a 2km range to the best healthcare in Penang.

A lease-based system that allows residents to rent each room, as per their duration of stay, this space becomes the new home longed for by the elderly. A safe space for all. Fully furnished units, from electricals down to the hospital-grade beds, Penang Retirement Resort has it all. Overlooking the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the large green golf course, residents will be enveloped in nature and all its glory.

Although Covid-19 has dampened the completion of the Penang Retirement Resort, it has not brought the project down to its knees. With a strong team of people hard at work, this project is successfully making its way to completion with a projection set for this resort to be completed by December of 2020 and opened for leasing in early 2021.

Caring for our elders has always been a weight that has been difficult to carry despite one’s worldly responsibilities. Especially when a parent is sick or requires constant care. Having a safe space for them will not only allow them to live comfortably but to also be provided the care they require that is best suited to their needs.

The Penang Retirement Resort is a space that builds community and celebrates life to the fullest. Providing the aged an experience to behold in every square inch of this marvelous project. A space of comfort, a space that brings out new hope. Penang Retirement Resort, a place called home.

For further enquiries, please call 04-238 5108 or 04-238 5221.